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MagicScript vs. Smart bidding

3 min reading

MagicScript vs. Smart bidding

3 min reading

Nowadays, bidding automation is becoming more and more common.

Google smart bidding does not sleep and is trying to keep up with the challenging demands of retailers. But is it enough? Is smart bidding truly the best solution on the market?

We have 5 reasons to think otherwise.


1. We use your budget more effectively

We set one cost of sales for the whole account. If a campaign doesn’t bring enough conversions, the MagicScript algorithm lowers the budget for that campaign. Then, it allocates the budget to more effective campaigns, which have dynamic cost of sales. Meaning, it’s not strictly set on a particular level. It changes depending on the current situation on the market. Our algorithm only has 1 criterion for the setup – so their cumulative cost doesn’t exceed the maximum cost of sales for the whole account, set by the client. Thanks to this setup, we are able to bring the most out of the budget we manage.


2. You know exactly, how the algorithm works

Google smart bidding is a so-called “black box”. You set a goal for it, but you have no idea how it works. What if it could work better? What if you could make a few changes and your revenue skyrocketed?

With MagicScript, you know exactly how the algorithm works and what it takes into consideration. You then know what changes need to be made in order to improve the performance.

Even better, you don’t have to do anything! Our specialist will keep an eye on your account daily, and make the changes for you. Instead of tedious checking of the campaigns and their performance, you can do what you truly need – growing your business and focusing on tasks with higher added value.


3. We use more precise data and look at the account as a whole

Google smart bidding uses data from Google Ads, with one of  6 attribution models offered by the platform. But here is the catch-all these models are inner channel! Do you think your customers operate only on google? No, of course not! They scroll Facebook, Instagram, go to comparison platforms, etc.

Inner channel models in Google Ads know only about clicks that have been made on Google alone. They completely ignore other mediums and their performance, which leads to inefficiency and spending more money on PPC than needed.

We use data from Google Analytics. These are much more precise. We also take into consideration the influence from other mediums, thanks to our own attribution model – MagicLinear. This model is the cross channel, which means that it tracks the whole conversion path of your customers. So you don’t have to pay twice for one customer.


4. You don’t need to worry about Measurement protocol when bidding on margin with us

Google smart bidding can only use margin data from Measurement protocol, which makes bidding on margin way too complicated. You would need to implement it first and collect enough data about the margins of your orders. The process can take up to several months, depending on the number of transactions made. The whole process is very demanding technically as well as time-consuming.

MagicScript algorithm doesn’t need a Measurement protocol to use margin data when bidding. We use data from your feeds, which allows us to collect huge amounts of historical data. Thanks to that, we don’t need a “learning phase”, so you can start bidding on a margin within 24 hours with us. You don’t have to have an in-house team of specialists nor invest a lot of time and money to start bidding on margin. With MagicScript, it’s an easy process.

As a cherry on the top, we also use data about cancellations, returns, and shipping costs. That allows us to be as precise as possible when increasing your profit.


5. Proven track record of better results

Our results speak for themselves! We manage to bid for international clients like FactCool, DrMax, Eyerim, and many more. All these clients are with us for several years, because we are able to constantly achieve better results than smart bidding.

We don’t deny the effectiveness of Google Smart bidding. It’s for sure an effective solution and it serves its purpose. But, it’s created for a huge number of retailers, so naturally, it cannot adapt as well for the specific needs of every individual client.

That’s where MagicScript comes! Yes, we are much, much smaller than Google. But, that allows us to adjust quickly and to serve every individual client based on their very specific needs. And that’s why we are able to outperform Google smart bidding.


If you want to know more about how MagicScript can help you, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation.

Written by:
Bc. René Marek,
Marketing consultant, 

Published by:
Júlia Szentiványiová,