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Heureka account audit by Magic

4 min reading

Heureka account audit by Magic

4 min reading

The basis of success is to correctly evaluate your situation. In this article, we prepared a basic example of Heureka audit, with which we help our clients to evaluate their current situation and start to develop their account.

Content of our Heureka audit is following:

  1. Sortiment report
  2. Unclassified products report
  3. CPC
  4. Heureka basket
  5. Account performance
  6. Missing products report

Let us explain these parts one by one.

1. Sortiment report

Sortiment report contains crucial information for e-shop owners or managers, that are responsible for product portfolio and pricing. These data include number of concurents offering the same product, price in comparison with the rest of the market, popularity of the product etc. Report contains just products that are included in the Heureka catalog.

What does this report tell you? For example positions of particular products – this can give you a better understanding of your account on Heureka. Thanks to this report you will know if you need to increase your credit, or maybe decrease it, because your are burning too much money.


2. Unclassified products report

We generate this report from report with classified products on Heureka. What does this report tell you? Essentially, it tells you if you have some problems with classifying products from your feed to Heureka. How to fix particular categories of unclassified products? When it comes to inactive categories, you just have to wait until Heureka starts running the appropriate category. Products display within full text search. In the ignored categories, it is needed to adjust name of the category in XML file, preferably according to category tree of Heureka. Name of the category has to contain type of the product that the name stands for. In “unclassified products”, you have to adjust name of the product according to specification for the particular category.


CPC is set to minimum prices by default. If you set your CPC effectively, you may get to the box “Heureka picks quality stores” and increase number of visits on your e-shop. Sorting of stores is based on several factors that you are able to optimize. The final price is charged on the same basis as in Google AdWords or Sklik – auction system.

Based on your cost-per-click, you can see how effectively you’re spending your money. This is the core business of the MagicScript algorithm, the automation of the height of individual bids to avoid the use of the human factor and the errors resulting from the manual control of bidding.


4. Heureka Basket

This is a new shopping model that Users can use it in addition to the classic model of comparing prices from online stores. The basket supports and develops the long-term goal of, ie. facilitate online shopping. Heureka’s primary goal is to make it easier for buyers to find their way when shopping online. The greatest emphasis is placed on the quality of the store, which is evaluated on the basis of the Customer Verified program, and therefore this project is intended only for e-shops that have achieved excellent results in the Customer Verified system for a long time. The set method of cooperation intuitively displays the store involved in the Heureka Basket in the TOP position, then the orange box “Heureka selects quality stores for you” and then other stores sorted from the lowest price. In the case of a purchase made on Heurek through the Heurek Basket, a sales commission is charged to the e-shop. The amount of the commission is determined according to individual categories, similarly to the PPC mode. If a customer uses the pages of a specific e-shop for their purchase and uses the “To shop” button, then the price per click is charged, either from the price list or the increased CPC, if you bid.

5. Account performance

This summary provides information on the development of the most important account indicators. These include, in particular, costs, turnover, cost efficiency, number of orders and the amount of the average order. All these indicators are key for e-shop owners. They are shown in the following form of a year-on-year comparison:

Based on this view of account performance, we can make an estimate for the future.

6. Report of missing products

This special report will provide you with information about the best-selling products in your categories, which you sell as a store in these categories, or on the contrary, do not offer them, and what the competition is like in our catalog.

In the graph, you can see a maximum of 10 categories that apply to your store, including an overview of the coverage of up to TOP 100 products in a given category. The categories are selected according to the estimated number of units sold in the given category, for the entire market for the last 90 days.

But what does this mean for the owner of you as an e-shop owner? In simplicity, the products you have on offer and the products that have been placed in the TOP 100 products in the category. This way, you can easily see which products customers are most interested in, as well as what products the competition offers. The display is in the following form:

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