Complete reconstruction of the AdWords account structure? Use Magic!

Clients often think that in order for an account to be managed by MagicScript, it is necessary that the account’s structure is already well-developed and stable; however, it is an unnecessary concern. MagicScript works well, even when the account is going under structural changes, be it minor or dramatic. Even when these changes are being made, MagicScript is an exceptional tool, because it controls costs and bids rationally.

Here are a few insights:
  • Keyword history is paired. This means, that even when you move a keyword e.g. from one adgroup to another, its history is preserved, so the keyword still has enough data for the algorithm, so it can properly bid.
  • MagicScript has an algorithm for rational and balanced testing of brand new keywords and adgroups (without history), that eliminates any possible risks from incorrect initial setups, which can often create large and gratuitous losses.
  • MagicScript is also effective in that it saves a lot of time, that would be spent on manual bidding, while the account is being rebuilt to spend on manual biding. This valuable time can be turned towards perfecting the structure itself.
  • Even during remodeling, an account can perform well, so it's needless to postpone the positive effects of reshaping an account.