Beware of UTM parameters when importing costs from Heureka to Google Analytics

Sometimes, even if you import costs from Heureka into AdWords, they may not be well matched if you don’t have UTM parameters. 

In the example below, we see that an import with “lower case” utm parameters did not match the “upper case” utm parameters that the client has historically sent to Analytics.

The client has everything set in mergade or directly in the XML feed to a large Heureka / CPC, which is not correct, but if you want to recoup costs for historical numbers, you have no choice, you must adapt with UTM.

Most of the time it’s all in lower case, I don’t know why they’re capitalized, and I don’t know why GA didn’t put it into one anyway since they shouldn’t consider capitalization. (comparator specialist note)

Why import costs from Heureka into Analytics?

If you have properly tagged traffic from Heureka to your site, you can compare the performance of different marketing channels in Google Analytics (e.g., Google Ads vs. Heureka). However, if you do not import the costs there, the missing PNO / ROAS / ROI puzzles are missing the mentioned costs. How do you then invest correctly in Google vs. Heureka anything else if you have no revenue and costs in one place and you can’t compare it?

Cost, PNO, Margin, Profit, all together in Google Analytics