What is Magic Script?

Increase your revenue

by 24-65%

Realtime algorithmic bidding optimisation that sets exactly the right CPC bids for Google Ads, Shopping, Heureka, Favi campaigns.

What do you get with Magic Script Algorithm?

significant reduction of PPC specialist time costs
interesting increase in turnover (better investment performance)
24-65% cost improvement
immediate improvement of returns

How is it possible?

We’ll link Google Analytics and Ads (Heureka) to the MagicScriptBidding algorithm.
Then we’ll calculate the ideal real-time click price based on thousands of statistics.






58 000 bid changes / 3 months

periods compared 02-04/2018 vs. 02-04/2019
Cooperation with MagicScript was one of the best decisions of 2018.
Pavol Kiss
eCommerce specialist, ajprodukty.sk